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Hi, I'm Liz Kori. A London-based freelance artist, specialising in Contemporary Portraits and Ink illustrations.

My work is a celebration of the human Face in all it's glory. I like to capture expressive emotions and paint them like close up snapshots. Many of which have hidden narratives or take inspiration from real life events.

I take pleasure in combining traditional style portraiture with abstract influences. My signature style of bright colours and vibrant backgrounds make my Art stand out as eye-catching centre pieces, to be admired and proudly displayed. 

My illustrative work is heavily inspired by classic cinema, Japanese line art and American Comic book strips. There's no mistaking the dramatic expressions, clean lines and fine details worked into in each piece. 

Whether painting people or beloved pets, I take pride in my ability to bring every subject I paint to life, reflecting their character and personality.

I create my Art using traditional mediums of Acrylic, drawing ink and pencils.


Whether working with brands or commissions for private clients, I'm dedicated to creating bespoke, detailed, high quality works of Art.


If you are interested in purchasing any of my original pieces, collaborating or commissioning me, feel free to contact me.


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